Innovation needs Experience
Quality need Competence
FREUND - your Tools

The reliable FRIEND
Innovation and tradition are not necessarily contradictory. FREUND has been proving this for over 170 years. We are specialised in the manufacturing and retailing of high quality hand tools.

We keep a permanent eye on the ever changing demands and requirments and are therefore constantly broadening our know-how. We take the time to implement remarkable new ideas and create innovative products that set new standards in material, utility and appearance.

Our FRIENDly Team
It is our utmost priority to always have an open ear for our customers. We will always try to find a solution for your every day demands and requirments.Comprehensive consultation and a fast, direct delivery to our trading partners are a matter of course.

Practicality, longevity and a high professional standard are just a few of FREUNDs top priorities. From hand tools to slate and tile work - we are leading worldwide.

P.F. FREUND & CIE GmbH | Hahnerberger Strasse 94-96 | 42349 Wuppertal | +49 (0) 202/40929-0