BOZZ up, roof down!

From old to new

It´s child´s play with our new innovative demolition tool
Because FREUND has a new BOZZ. Available in large,
compact and combined as a set.

With our demolition tool BOZZ It´s never been easier than
before to remove bitumen, shingles and slate.

No matter if you´re working on flat roofs, sloping roofs or balconies. The BOZZ has been so innovatively constructed that working is twice as easy as before. Thanks to the sturdy drawn tube and the practical deflection roller enabling more power and leverage.

Nail pulling? No problem with the solid serrated shovel and large power handle. BOZZ turns every removal into child´s play and every necessity into a pleasure. You´ve never had so much new space so quickly!

Further information can be found here: FREUND Flyer BOZZ

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